World Best Friends Day: we are friends and we work together, here’s how we do!

World Best Friends Day: we are friends and we work together, here’s how we do!

Thursday, June 8 was the World Best Friends Day. We therefore thought to ask some questions to Alessandro Piccioni and Massimo Pigliapoco, the founders of Tonidigrigio, on which are the secrets and tips to work well together when you are also close friends, as well as colleagues. There you go!

Nowadays, many friends are teaming up to start a business project. According to you, which are the 3 golden rules for working well together as friends?

MassimoTalk, confront, and share.

Which are, in your opinion, the 3 things to absolutely avoid when you are friends and work together?

AlessandroGive up talking, confronting, and sharing.

What three suggestions would you give to friends who are starting/have recently founded a startup, a business, an association, or anything else, with the benefit of hindsight gained from your years of experience?

Massimo: First and foremost, I would advise attempting the identification of a clear business model from which to derive the focus. In today's market, generic businesses primarily compete on cost and time of realization, while if a clear and differentiated emphasis is sought, it will be possible to lay the groundwork for proper corporate positioning. However, before establishing your business, carefully select your work team and put yourself to the test at an operational level.

Is there a perfect number to be at the helm, in order to avoid the "too many chefs in the kitchen" effect?

AlessandroNo, everything hinges on the distinction between roles and skills.

How long have you been running Tonidigrigio and who came up with the idea of founding a communication agency?

MassimoWe have entered the twelfth year of activity, in our case at the Bar Trieste Gelateria in Jesi, which, by its own nature, leads you to think of insane things!

AlessandroIt's difficult to respond clearly. I believe it was a steady and natural process, based not only on a personal friendship but also on a high level of respect and professional trust earned through firsthand experience in the field and several collaborations in which we have worked together.

Could you tell us something that the other one excels at?

MassimoIn almost everything, however I admit I don’t know his amateur abilities…

AlessandroMassimo is far better than me at many things, but above all, he is an incomparable champion of style and elegance!

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