Making flim out of paper!

Making FLIM out of paper!

Friday, May 21, 2022, we were guests of the Marche Region at the Salone Internazionale del Libro di Torino (International Book Fair in Turin, ed). On this important event, we exhibited our editorial project FLIM Flipbook Marche, curated by Sabrina Maggiori and illustrated by Valerio Giacone, Gli Scarabocchi di Maicol&Mirco, Beatrice Pucci, Roberto Catani, Maria Steinmetz, and Chintis Lundgren.

The project was born from the occasion of a call for tender made available by the Marche Region which was very inspiring because it sought to promote our region via the lens of tourism and manufacturing. This object, the flipbook, was designed from a very strong tradition linked to craftsmanship: paper. This support, linked to our territory's tradition, has been joined by the idea of telling the Marche in an international way, and since the Region itself has indicated the 6 clusters as gates of access to our territory, the idea was to represent each of the 6 clusters through collaboration with artists and authors who, through their poetics and relying on the paper support of the flipbook, told a story.

A nationwide call was then opened, and a commission was formed to evaluate the proposals of many artists from Marche, Italy, and other countries. The outcome corresponds to the 6 FLIM produced by the winning artist of the call Valerio Giacone and the artists Gli Scarabocchi di Maicol&Mirco, Beatrice Pucci, Roberto Catani, Maria Steinmetz and Chintis Lundgren. Each of them traveled across our region, immersing themselves in the traditions, culture, flora and fauna of our territory,  and represented symbols, which then became part of the narratives.

The flipbook, in fact, has the great characteristic of reproducing the movement introduced in the pre-cinema. Through the action that allows you to quickly browse the FLIM with the pressure of your fingers you can play a short short film and live a fun and playful experience, designed for both adults and children. The language adopted is that of illustration and since there are no words written, we are faced with an international experience, practically universal. 

From manufacturing to nature, history and cultural elements, with FLIM we tried to tell our region through these souvenirs of artist, now available and available from the dedicated website:


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Bando FESR Regione Marche

2020 - FLIM - Flipbook Marche

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2018 - RarefactionsBook Design

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2019 - Marche Shipyard Surfaces Book Design

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