is a team of professionals
who work to facilitate, develop
and manage communication
projects to generate value.

Developing and managing a strategic communications plan requires an array of skills that can rarely co-exist in just one professional. Think of, for example, drafting a publishing plan or devising a media plan. Strategic analysis requires a pool of professionals that work on an allocated budget, towards well-defined targets, monitoring the course of a communications plan that can take different trajectories, as the contents circulate through online and offline channels.

A strategic plan includes a series of tools for conveying the contents of the communication campaign, expressing the company’s identity and market positioning. Ranging from physical materials, such as brochures and exhibition stands, to multimedia and digital tools such as corporate videos and websites, an ever-changing market means a constantly evolving need for up- to-date materials and channels of communication. This is why our team assists clients in managing day-to-day operational aspects of a marketing communication campaign, in addition to strategic ones.

Communication materials will be circulating through specific online and offline channels. Broadly speaking, these include social networks, websites, display, ADV, SEO and SEM campaigns, but may also include poster displays, and more. Managing the channels identified by the strategic plan means expressing the company’s positioning and creating a dialogue with recipients and potential customers.


Tonidigrigio is a certified training institution,
and provides training courses
in communications.