is a team of professionals
who work to facilitate and develop
communication projects and manage
value generation processes.

Each company uses its own language to address its market and clients. This language is made up of a visual grammar and a style of communication, which the company uses to express itself and its business. Our professionals develop identity systems to make a company stand out in the market, by building on its positioning, its long-term objectives, its value proposition: that is, on a company’s assets in terms of identity.

We can think of cores of communication as common denominators, macro-themes we can tap into to create company-specific contents, depending on market positioning and marketing decisions. Concepts such as technology, innovation, efficiency, turn into distinctive content once they are matched with the questions, what does technology mean for the company? How does it approach innovation or efficiency? These contents will become a part of the company’s identity assets, the themes of an integrated communication strategy that will use both online and offline channels.

The contents, structure and style of a communication campaign, originating from within the company, must then reach outwards. Building a narration around a company’s positioning, identity and offer requires a variety of specially designed tools and materials. Whether digital or physical, print or multimedia, our professionals will know how to give shape to the requirements of the communications plan, devising and developing custom-made tools to match each client’s personality and style.


Tonidigrigio is a certified training institution,
and provides training courses
in communications.